Important notes about making maamoul

Important notes about making maamoul:
* You can bake maamoul without shaping it, just form the stuffed cookies into balls and arrange them on a baking sheet and bake them, they will be just as tasty without the molds or decorations

* To make it easier to get the cookies out of the molds, I line the molds with a little piece of plastic wrap, press the filled dough then use the plastic wrap to take the dough out of the mould then peel off the plastic wrap
* Maamoul bakes really quickly, don’t walk away from the oven while the cookies are baking they can go from white to black in a couple of minutes.
* Kept in an airtight container these cookies will last for 3 weeks, it will last even longer to store it in the fridge.
* The fat content in any maamoul recipe determines the texture of the finished cookie. the rule is you need 450-500 grams fat (butter, ghee and oil) for each kilogram maamoul. Use less and you will get a crunchy maamoul. Use more and you will get a melt in your mouth buttery maamoul
* Rosewater and orange blossom water are optional, you can replace them with water or milk.


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Post time: Jun-26-2019
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